Talofa and Welcome to

“4Get Me Not”

4Get Met Not is an online shop where you can shop a variety of Polynesian art, crafts and creative Jewelleries. Bringing home a little closer to you. The “Forget Me Nots.” flower represents True Love and Respect. This is how we aim to serve all our customers. 

Why Shop with 4Get Me Not?

All our arts, crafts, carvings and painting are hand carved and painted by our very own Artist. They are not printed or copied  so you’ll be sure to get an original made with Love and Respect. Our 14KT and 18KTGold Filled jewelleries are also hand made by one of the best in Hawaii with some of the finest Tahitian Pearls.  The Black Tahitian Pearl which is the most collectable pearls in the world. It’s beauty is like no other. Tahiti is the only place in the world where the black lipped oyster can survive and produce the black Tahitian pearl. You can guarantee that your jewelleries will have value that will last. We are based in Melbourne Australia and for now we are only servicing Australia and New Zealand. God willing and in his own perfect timing we will be able expand out to other countries.

What are you waiting for?

 Enjoy shopping with us and spoil yourself a little bit more with 4Get Me Not!